Managing Recipes

Managing Your Recipes

By default, recipes you create are private to you and shown in the "My Recipes" section of the UI. Your teammates will not be able to see or launch workspaces from recipes that are private to you.

You can edit, change permissions, and delete any recipe you create. You can only edit recipes created by others.

Managing Shared Recipes

If you'd like to make your recipe available to other users in your organization You'll need to add it to the shared recipe library using the edit recipe function.

Generally speaking, an engineering team should be able to share a common set of recipes. Developer-specific customizations and preferences are only applied at launch time, meaning that everyone can rely on the same shared environment definition and still get a workspace that feels like their local, personalized development environment.

Updating a Recipe

Recipes can be edited by two groups - anyone with an admin role, and the owner/creator of a recipe.

All attributes of a recipe can be edited after initial creation. This can be done within the web UI using the edit recipe function.

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