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Open Beta Notice: the DevZero Platform is currently in Open Beta. This program is currently open to anyone, however, the experience is currently optimized for MacOS and Linux users based in North America. We plan to provide support for additional regions and operating systems over the coming months.

What is DevZero?

DevZero is a cloud development platform designed to help software engineers spend more time writing code and less time waiting on builds, troubleshooting dev environments, and fighting over shared resources.

With the DevZero platform, you can centrally define and manage cloud environment specifications for development, testing, CI, and more. This ensures that environments are always consistent, up-to-date, and secure.

Developers can use these specifications alongside our CLI to launch their own ephemeral, namespaced, and fully-managed cloud environments. Developers can connect their IDE of choice or leverage Code Server in the browser. We automatically take care of all the ergonomics, too, like shell config, dotfiles, and more, to ensure things match your preferences.

Ready to Get Started?

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We've put together some helpful guides to get started with our product quickly and easily.

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