Hosting Options:

  1. Fully-hosted SaaS:

    • Suitable for most software engineering teams with fewer than 250 engineers

    • You just sign up and start using it! No need to talk to us

  2. Dedicated SaaS:

    • Available either at or some other domain

    • Suitable for teams:

      • with more than 250 engineers, but fewer than 1000 engineers

      • who have bespoke compute, security or compliance requirements

    • You can start by signing up on your own, but you'll need to reach out to to upgrade your hosting model

  3. Self-hosted:

    • Hosted on your cloud or on your hardware (We give you terraform scripts that you can use to set things up, with personalized help from our solutions engineers)

    • Suitable for teams with over 1000 engineers or those operating in regulated markets

    • Send us a note to or if you care to learn more

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