Access Running Applications

Access Your Running Application(s)

First, find the workspace you care about by running

dz network status

You will see an output that looks like this

The next steps will show you a few ways to interact with your workspace...

Within the context of this page, let's focus on popular-bluejay-yzrt (the MagicDNS hostname) which has an IP address of


Say you're running a server on port 8080. To access that server from any machine that's running an authenticated dz CLI, just run

curl popular-bluejay-yzrt:8080

## OR



To see a webapp running on port 8000, visit popular-bluejay-yzrt:8000 or in your browser


To access your workspace from any machine that's running an authenticated dz CLI, just run

ssh devzero@popular-bluejay-yzrt

# or if you want to forward your SSH agent
ssh -A devzero@popular-bluejay-yzrt

# or you wish to use the niceties of the CLI
dz ws connect popular-bluejay-yzrt

Other Methods

You can access the workspace using either the MagicDNS hostname (popular-bluejay-yzrt) or its private IP address ( just like you would any application. You don't need to forward any ports etc since the network interface of the workspace is available via either of those 2 approaches.

Access Your Team's Running Application(s)

The flow for this is exactly the same as above.

The only difference is, in order to see your teammate's workspace, add the --team flag to the command.

dz network status --team

The rest of the steps are exactly the same!

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